梦想浴室 专属定制

Dream Bathroom Exclusive Custom

  • 双层夹胶玻璃 淋浴安全更进一步
    双层夹胶玻璃 淋浴安全更进一步


    The two glasses are sandwiched together to strengthen the glass. The intermediate film is tough and has strong adhesion. After the glass is accidentally broken, the fragments will not fall off, and the laminated glass has the properties of shock resistance and explosion protection to avoid causing harm to people or surrounding objects.

  • 干湿分离 全方位锁住水幕
    干湿分离 全方位锁住水幕


    The design of the backwater tank of the movable door and the water-retaining component under the door can effectively guide the water drops in the door, prevent the water droplets from seeping out through the backflow, and keep the bathroom dry and clean.

  • 超净易洁玻璃 擦走污渍 就是那么简单
    超净易洁玻璃 擦走污渍 就是那么简单

    应用荷叶原理,在玻璃上进行纳米涂层,玻璃表面更加整洁光滑!水珠流动时收缩成球状向下滑落,产生疏水效应。抗污防雾易洁,净享爽洁淋浴体验! (需定制) 

    Applying the principle of lotus leaf, nano coating on glass, the glass surface is more neat and smooth! When the water droplets flow, they shrink into a spherical shape and fall down, resulting in a hydrophobic effect. Anti-fouling, anti-fog and easy-to-clean, enjoy a cool and clean shower experience! (Need to customize)

  • 坚实原材


    Good bearing capacity, not easy to deform. 24H acid salt spray test, the surface is polished, and anti-oxidant materials are added, showing 8K smooth mirror effect.

  • 顺畅联动  静音推拉
    顺畅联动 静音推拉


    ARROW shower room selected SUS304 stainless steel metal bearing pulley, which can adjust the verticality of the corrective glass up and down, strong load bearing, safe and stable, no track stuck, smooth running, safe and stable silent.